2024 Outstanding Books

Every year we ask judges to look for books that best exemplify the spirit of the IPPYs and independent publishing.
Congratulations to the judge's 2024 selections!


Most Original Concept

It All Belongs: Love, Loss, and Learning to Live Again

by Judy & Roy Smoot with Melinda Folse

SparkPoint Press


Outstanding Design

The Frankenstein Art Novel

by Mary Shelley

Bond & Grace


Outstanding Craftsmanship

Requiem ~ Death in Three-Dimensional Stereographs & 600 Years of Vernacular Imagery, Volumes I-IX

by Lance Speer

Circa Photographics, Ltd.




Most Likely to Save the Planet

The Codex of the Endangered Species Act: The First Fifty Years - Volume I


The Codex of the Endangered Species Act: Volume II: The Next Fifty Years 

by Lowell E. Baier with Christopher E. Segal

Rowman & Littlefield


Independent Spirit


by Josef Bandera

Book Incubator


Independent Voice

Remembering the Future

edited by Christopher Conte



Peacemaker of the Year

Lessons on the Road to Peace

by John Noltner

A Peace of My Mind


Outstanding Audiobook

Master of Music

by Marla Himeda, narrated by Will Hahn



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