2014 Regional Categories

These regional “IPPYs” were designed to spotlight the best regional titles from around North America and Australia/New Zealand. Books were judged alongside those for and about their regions only, based on their quality and regional significance.


U.S. North-East - Best Regional Fiction

Gold: The Biology of Luck, by Jacob M. Appel (Elephant Rocks Books)

Silver: Puritan Witch: The Redemption of Rebecca Eames, by Peni Jo Renner (iUniverse)

Bronze: The Cost of Living, by M.L. Pressman (Digital Jam)



U.S. North-East - Best Regional Non-Fiction 

Gold: A Lifetime of Vermont People, by Peter Miller (Silver Print Press)

Silver: Bill Moss: Fabric Artist & Designer, by Marilyn Moss (Chawezi)

Bronze (tie): Never a Dull Moment: A Tapestry of Scenes & Stories from an Adirondack Medical Practice, by Daniel Way, M.D. (Indian Lake Press)

Hidden Gardens of Beacon Hill: Creating Green Spaces in Urban Places (Beacon Hill Garden Club)

Mid-Atlantic – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: A Waste of Shame and Other Sad Tales of the Appalachian Foothills, by Geoffrey Smagacz (Wiseblood Books)

Silver: Elizabeth's Field, by Barbara Lockhart (CreateSpace)

Bronze: Tiffany Blues: A Martini Munrow Mystery, by J.C. Vogard (Self-Published)



Mid-Atlantic – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Gold: Cass Gilbert’s West Virginia State Capitol, by Ann Thomas Wilkins and David G. Wilkins (West Virginia University Press)

Silver (tie): E Block, by Mark Perrott (Woods Run Press)

Bruce Springsteen: In Focus 1980-2012, by Debra L. Rothenberg (Turn the Page Publishing)

Bronze: Stuart’s Finest Hour: The Ride Around McClellan, June 1862, by John J. Fox III (Angle Valley Press)

South-East – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: Long Gone Daddies, by David Wesley Williams (John F. Blair, Publisher)

Silver: Shorter's Way, by Grace Hawthorne (Deeds Publishing)

Bronze: Chimes: from a Cracked Southern Belle, by Susan Reinhardt (Grateful Steps Publishing House)



South-East – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Gold:  Down Bohicket Road: An Artist’s Journey, by Mary Whyte (University of South Carolina Press)

Silver: Mud Creek Medicine: The Life of Eula Hall and the Fight for Appalachia, by Kiran Bhatraju (Butler Books)

Bronze (tie): The Blue Monk, by David Bricker (Essential Absurdities Press)

January in Slavery: An Oral Narrative of the South, by Calvin M. Logue (CreateSpace)


South – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: In the Garden of Stone, by Susan Tekulve (Hub City Press)

Silver: The Fog Machine, by Susan Follett (Lucky Sky Press)

Bronze: Visiting the Sins, by Melanie Denman (Word Association Publishers)



South – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Gold: Flood of Lies: The St. Rita’s Nursing Home Tragedy, by James A. Cobb, Jr. (Pelican Publishing)

Silver: The Blue Mountains Sing of Rivers, Old Men, Trails and Trout, by Ron H. Rader (Windswept Publishing)

Bronze (tie): A Boy Called Combustion: Growing Up in 1940s Mississippi, by Bill Keeton, MD (Hoorah Patch Press)

Lighthouses, Lightships, & Beacons of Texas: A Comprehensive Field Guide, by Richard S. Hall, Ph.D. (Pintail Publishing)

Great Lakes – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: Something that Feels like Truth, by Donald Lystra (Switchgrass Books)

Silver: Pepperland, by Barry Wightman (Running Meter Press)

Bronze: The Sandpiper, by Susan Lovell (KRisSCroSS Press)




Great Lakes – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Gold (tie): Layton’s Legacy: A Historic American Art Collection 1888-2013, by John C. Eastberg and Eric Vogel (The Layton Art Collection)

Tuesdays with Todd & Brad Reed: A Michigan Tribute, by Todd Reed and Brad Reed (Todd & Brad Reed Photography)

Silver: Fatal Crossing: The Mysterious Disappearance of NWA Flight 2501 and the Quest for Answers, by V.O. van Heest (In-Depth Editions)

Bronze: Revolution Detroit: Strategies for Urban Reinvention, by John Gallagher (Wayne State University Press)

Mid-West – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: The Stray Pitch, by Marilyn Bos (Winks Books)

Silver: The Bastard Trail, by James Duermeyer (Duermeyer Books)

Bronze: Che Guevara's Marijuana & Baseball Savings & Loan, by Jack Shakely (Xlibris)



Mid-West – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Gold: Riding Out the Storm: 19th Century Chickasaw Governors, Their Lives and Intellectual Legacy, by Phillip Carroll Morgan (Chickasaw Press)

Silver: The Architecture of Maritz & Young: Exceptional Historic Homes of St. Louis, by Kevin Amsler and L. John Schott, AIA (Missouri History Museum)

Bronze (tie): Fore! Gone: Minnesota’s Lost Golf Courses, by Joe Bissen; photography by Peter Wong (Five Star Publishing)

Spoke: A Mother. A Son. Civil Rights. Vietnam. by Coleman (Little Creek Press)

West-Mountain – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: Badlands: A Collection of Stories, by Thomas Biel (Three Towers Press)

Silver: Bone Horses, by Lesley Poling-Kempes (La Alameda Press)

Bronze: On Anvil, by Jim Herity (West Cornwall Publishing Company)


West-Mountain – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Gold: Snake River Discovered – Source to Confluence, by Kirk Anderson (Kirk Anderson Photography)

Silver: Brewing Arizona: A Century of Beer in the Grand Canyon State, by Ed Sipos (The University of Arizona Press)

Bronze (tie): Tasting Colorado: Favorite Recipes from the Centennial State, by Michele Morris (Farcountry Press)

A Mule Deer Retrospective, Edited by Julie L. Tripp (Boone and Crockett Club)

West-Pacific – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: Californios: A Surf Noir Collection, by Jeff McElroy (Self-Published)

Silver: Scary, Man, by Jeffrey Hickey (CreateSpace)

Bronze (tie): The Condor Song: A Novel of Suspense, by Darryl Nyznyk (Cross Dove Publishing)

Two Performance Artists Kidnap Their Boss and Do Things With Him, by Scotch Wichmann (Freakshow Books)


West-Pacific – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Gold: Overdrive: L.A. Constructs the Future 1940-1990, Edited by Wim de Wit and Christopher James Alexander (The Getty Research Institute)

Silver (tie): Seed of the Future: Yosemite and the Evolution of the National Park Idea, by Dayton Duncan (Yosemite Conservancy)

Aleutian Freighter: A History of Shipping in the Aleutian Islands, by James Mackovjak (Documentary Media)

Bronze (tie): Wild Steelhead: The Lure and Lore of a Pacific Northwest Icon, by Sean M. Gallagher (Wild River Press)

Hawaiki Rising: Hōkūle’a, Nainoa Thompson, and the Hawaiian Renaissance, by Sam Low (Island Heritage Publishing)

Canada–East – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: An Absent Mind, by Eric Rill (Avante Press)

Silver: Strum, by Nancy Young (Inkwater Press)

Bronze: Brock's Traitor: A Novel of Honor in the War of 1812, by Tom Taylor (Hancock and Dean)


Canada–East – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Gold: Banned on the Hill: A True Story about Dirty Oil and Government Censorship, by Franke James (The James Gang)

Silver (tie): Fear of a Black Nation: Race, Sex, and Security in Sixties Montreal, by David Austin (Between the Lines)

Recollections of a Neighbourhood: Huron-Sussex from UTS to Stop Spadina, Edited by Nancy Williams and Marie Scott-Baron (Words Indeed Publishing)

Bronze: Light Bulb Baking: A History of the Easy-Bake Oven, by Todd Coopee (Sonderho Press)

Canada-West – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: The Playing Card, by Michael Hetherington (Passfield Press)

Silver: Satan's Last Whisper, by Will Hutchison (Infinity Publishing)

Bronze: Wounded, by Barbara Joyce-Hawryluk (Southern Prairie Book Publications Inc.)


Canada-West – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Gold: The Peace-Athabasca Delta: Portrait of a Dynamic Ecosystem, by Kevin P. Timoney (The University of Alberta Press)

Silver (tie): Life of the Trail 8: Historic Hikes Around Lake Louise, Lake O’Hara & the Rockwall, by Emerson Sanford and Janice Sanford Beck (Alpine Vista Publishers)

Main Street: Towns, Villages, and Hamlets of the Great Plains, by Danny Singer (George F. Thompson Publishing)

Bronze: Paddling to Winter, by Julie Buckles (Raven Productions)

Australia/New Zealand – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: Strands of Flax, by Raewyn Gregory (Self-Published)

Silver: The Freeing of Jonathon Mark, by Nathan Gross (Self-Published)

Bronze: Paddy's People, by Gerry Burke (iUniverse)



Australia / New Zealand – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Gold: The Art of Being Melbourne, by Maree Coote (Melbournestyle Books)

Silver: Learning Journeys: 30 Years of International Grammar School (International Grammar School)

Bronze (tie): On the Edge: Wairarapa’s Coastal Communities, by Jim Graydon(Wairarapa Archive / Fraser Books)

Permanent Impressions: A Salute to Contemporary Heroines, portraits by Jana Vodesil-Baruffi; text by Carmen Jenner (Carina Hoang Communications)

E-Book Categories

E1. Best Adult Fiction E-Book

Gold: A History of Stone and Steel, by Christopher Fisher (Resurgent Books)

Silver: The Gondola Maker, by Laura Morelli (Self-Published)

Bronze (tie): From Finland with Love, by Ellie Alanko (Libra Publications)

The Voices of Heaven, by Maija Rhee Devine (Seoul Selection)

E2. Best Romance/Erotica E-Book

Gold: Rebel Obsession, All the King's Men Series, by Donya Lynne (Phoenix Press)

Silver: Aloha Also Means Goodbye, by Jessica Rosenberg (Sand Hill Review Press)

Bronze: The Daring Heart: The Highland Heather and Hearts Scottish Romance Series, by Carmen Caine (McAzadi Services)

E3. Best Mystery / Thriller E-Book

Gold: Long Gone Man: A Singer Brown Mystery, by Phyllis Smallman (TouchWood Editions)

Silver (tie): Death of a Clown, by Heather Haven (The Wives of Bath Press)

Deep Into Dusk, by Laurie Stevens (Follow Your Dreams Productions)

Bronze (tie): School of the Assassins, by W.K. Blais  (Self-Published)

Severed Threads, by Kaylin McFarren (CreateSpace)

E4. Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror E-Book

Gold: Wynde: Fireheart Series, Book One, by Tricia Barr (CreateSpace)

Silver: Mythborn: Rise of the Adepts, by V. Lakshman (CreateSpace)

Bronze: Bloom: Or, the unwritten memoir of Tennyson Middlebrook, by Martin Kee (CreateSpace)

E5. Best Adult Non-Fiction Personal E-Book

Gold (tie): Off My Rocker: One Man's Tasty, Twisted, Star-Studded Quest for Everlasting Music, by Kenny Weissberg (Sandra Jonas Publishing House)

Collapse of Dignity: The Story of a Mining Tragedy and the Fight Against Greed and Corruption in Mexico, by Napoleón Gómez (BenBella Books)

Silver: This Is How We Grow: A Psychologist's Memoir of Loss, Motherhood, & Discovering Self-Worth & Joy, One Season at a Time, by Christina G. Hibbert, Psy.D. (Oracle Folio Books)

Bronze (tie): After Action: The True Story of a Cobra Pilot's Journey, by Dan Sheehan (CreateSpace)

Complements of a Dying Man, by Amy Bol (Self-Published)

E6. Best Adult Non-Fiction Informational E-Book

Gold: Liber8 Your Business, by Laura Humphreys (Liber8me)

Silver (tie): The Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris: Orgasmic Fingertip Touching Every Woman Craves, by Dr. Sadie Allison (Tickle Kitty Press)

27 Things to Do When Your Parents Are Losing Their Independence: Caregiver's Cliff Notes, by Stella Nsong, RN, CMC, CDP, LTCP (Self-Published)

Bronze (tie): The Age of the Customer, by Jim Blasingame (SBN Books)

True Hollywood Noir: Filmland Mysteries and Murders, by Dina Di Mambro (Classic Hollywood Bios)

E7. Juvenile / Young Adult Fiction E-Book

Gold (tie): Secret for a Song, by S.K. Falls (CreateSpace)

Rewrite Redemption, by J.H. Walker (Self-Published)

Silver: Both Sides, by Paul E. Stawski (Russet & Kensington Press)

Bronze (tie): Supernatural Hero, by Eran Gadot (CreateSpace)

Shredded, by Karen Avivi (Self-Published)

E8. Best Children's Illustrated E-Book

Gold: Tales from the Playroom: Dolly Gets a New Name, by Edit L. Molnár; illustrated by Lídia Steiner (Webstar Works)

Silver: Pin & Gvïn, and the Star, by Julia Melnikova; illustrated by Jun Li (Artiizzan)

Bronze: Runaway Imagination, by Lori Dierig and Charlie Padgett (The 3Feet Factory)

E9. Best Regional E-Book – East of the Mississippi
      (includes Europe & Asia)

Gold: Dead Man Breathing: The Incredible True Story of One Man's Rise from the Flames, by Billy Jack and A'Leta McDaniel (Billy Jack McDaniel, Inc.)

Silver: The Aral, by Frank Wilem (Deep Blue Press)

Bronze: Birch Blackguards - A Sutton Mass. Mystery, Volume 2, by Lisa Shea (Minerva Webworks)

E10. Best Regional E-Book – West of the Mississippi
      (includes Australia & New Zealand)

Gold: Kahala: Growing Up in Hawaii, by Laurie Ames Birnsteel (McKenna Publishing)

Silver: Colorado Mandala, by Brain Francis Heffron (Little House Books)

Bronze: Puha: Master of the Wild, Volume 1, by J Bradley Van Tighem (Self-Published)