2013 Regional Results

U.S. North-East - Best Regional Fiction

Gold: The Illusion of Secondhand Smoke, by Janice M. Van Dyck (Winston-Higgins Press)

Silver: The Year of Soup, by Howard Reiss (Krance Publishing)

Bronze: Matinicus: An Island Mystery, by Darcy Scott (Maine Authors Publishing)

U.S. North-East - Best Regional Non-Fiction 

Gold: Boon Island, by Stephen Erickson & Andrew Vietze (Globe Pequot Press)

Silver: Heroes in the Attic: The Untold Story of Two Civil War Soldiers, by Dennis P. Bielewicz (Self-Published)

Bronze (tie): Urban Mayor: Making a City Work, by Jack Yunits (Acanthus Publishing)

Bountiful: A History of the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society and the Livestock Show and Fair, by Susan Klein (Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society)

Mid-Atlantic – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: The Restaurant at the End of the World, by Kenneth Womack (Mint Hill Books)

Silver: Love and Other Subjects, by Kathleen Shoop (Self-Published)

Bronze: The Killdeer, by Northcott Mayes (Koehler Books)

Mid-Atlantic – Best Regional Non-Fiction 

Gold: A Natural History of the Central Appalachians, by Steven L. Stephenson (West Virginia University Press)

Silver: Handley Regional Library: The First One Hundred Years, by the 100th Anniversary Book Committee (Handley Regional Library)

Bronze (tie): Stories from a Small Town: Remembering My Childhood in Hedgesville, West Virginia, by Roger Engle (Girls On Press) 

Good Blood, Bad Blood, by J. David Smith & Michael Wehmeyer (AAIDD)

South-East – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: Southern Fried Lies, by Susan Snowden (Archer Hill Publishing)

Silver: The Gospel According to Prissy, by Barbara Casey (Strategic Media Books)

Bronze: Code of the Forest, by John Buchan (Joggling Board Press)

South-East – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Gold: A Landscape and Its Legacy: The Parklands of Floyds Fork, Edited by Dianne Aprile; designed by Julius Friedman (21st Century Parks, Inc.)

Silver (tie): Painting North Carolina: A Visual Journey, by Kimberlee C. Maselli (Creative Pursuits) 

150 Years: Ravenscroft, by Laurie Shock and Billy Howard (Shock Design Books)

Bronze: In the Red: The 2001 Season With Dale Earnhardt, Jr., by Jade Gurss (Octane Press)

South – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: The Politics of Barbecue, by Blake Fontenay (John F. Blair Publisher)

Silver: Dirty Rice: A Season in the Evangeline League, by Gerald Duff (University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press)

Bronze: Bad Way Out, by C. Hoyt Caldwell (Indie Uprising Media)

South – Best Regional Non-Fiction 

Gold: The Delta: Landscapes, Legends, and Legacies of Mississippi’s Most Storied Region, edited by Melissa Baker Townsend (Coopwood Publishing)

Silver (tie): Hell or High Water: How Cajun Fortitude Withstood Hurricanes Rita and Ike, by Ron Thibodeaux (University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press)

Home to Us: Six Stories of Saving the Land, by Varina Willse & Nancy Rhoda

Bronze: Hairspray, High Heels, & Second Hand Smoke, by Frank Meyner (CreateSpace)

Great Lakes – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: Apostle Islands: A Novel, by Tommy Zurhellen (Atticus Books)

Silver: Giddyap Tin Lizzie, by Harold William Thorpe (Little Creek Press)

Bronze: Souviens, by Barbara Darling Saxena (2 Moon Press)

Great Lakes – Best Regional Non-Fiction 

Gold: Detroit’s Historic Places of Worship, by Marla O. Collum, Barbara E. Krueger, and Dorothy Kostuch (Wayne State University Press)

Silver: Giving It All Away: The Story of William W. Cook and His Michigan Law Quadrangle, by Margaret A. Leary (Newport Research Press)

Bronze (tie): Indiana Covered Bridges, by Marsha Williamson Mohr (Indiana University Press)

Art of Winter: A Photographic Essay, by Julie M. Covert (Whitehead Press)

Mid-West – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: Ben Armstrong’s Strange Trip Home, by David Allan Cates (Self Published)

Silver: Flint Bluff: An American Saga, by James Duermeyer (Duermeyer Books)

Bronze: The Waterhouse, by Jubal Tiner (Press 53)

Mid-West – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Gold: Save the Last Dance: A Story of North American Grassland Grouse, by Joel M. Vance; photography by Noppadol Paothong (Noppadol Paothong Photography, LLC)

Silver: Damming the Osage: The Conflicted Story of Lake of the Ozarks and Truman Reservoir, by Leland & Crystal Payton (Lens & Pen Press)

Bronze (tie): Chickasaw Lives, Volume Four: Tribal Mosaic, by Richard Green (Chickasaw Press)

Leave No Threshing Stone Unturned, by Glen Ediger (Self-Published)

West-Mountain – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: The Soledad Crucifixion, by Nancy Wood (University of New Mexico Press)

Silver: Maps of Fate, by Reid Lance Rosenthal (Rockin’ SR Publishing)

Bronze: An Apricot Year, by Martha Egan (Papalote Press)

West-Mountain – Best Regional Non-Fiction 

Gold: Three Ranches, by Will & Deni McIntyre (Loose Ends Press)

Silver (tie): Color Country: Touring the Colorado Plateau, by Susan M. Neider (Rainstone Press)

Canvas of Clay: Seven Centuries of Hopi Ceramic Art, by Edwin L. Wade and Allan Cooke (El Otro Lado)

Bronze: Sleeping on the Summit: Colorado Fourteener High Bivys, by Jon Kedrowski and Chris Tomer (Westcliffe Publishers)

West-Pacific – Best Regional Fiction

Gold (tie): Out of the Shadows, by Kimberly Carlson (First Snow Publishing House)

Nowhere Yet, by Edward Cozza (Pinot Dog)

Silver: Pig Behind the Bear, by Maria Nieto (Floricanto Press)

Bronze: Riders of the Tides, by Frederick Cooper (Langdon Street Press)

West-Pacific – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Gold: Portrait Alaska, by Clark James Mishler (Yes Alaska Press)

Silver: You Can’t Eat Dirt: Leading America’s First All-Women Tribal Council and How We Changed Palm Springs, by Vyola J. Ortner and Diana C. du Pont (Fan Palm Research Project)

Bronze (tie): Passion for Place: Community Reflections on the Carmel River Watershed, Edited by Paola Fiorelle Berthoin, Laura Bayless, and John Dotson (RisingLeaf Impressions)

HaleakalāA History of the Maui Mountain, by Jill Engledow (Maui Island Press)

Canada–East – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: Baggage, by Jill Sooley (Breakwater Books)

Silver: Angle of Declination, by Doug Mayfield & Sally Mayfield (Two Harbors Press)

Bronze: Reflection of the Gods, by Lisa Llamrei (Alchera Press)

Canada–East – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Gold: Fluctuat Nec Mergitur, by Jean Claude Roy (Breakwater Books)

Silver (tie): Unlikely Radicals: The Story of the Adams Mine Dump War, by Charlie Angus (Between the Lines) 

VIMY: Canada’s Memorial to a Generation, by Jacqueline Hucker and Julian Smith (Sanderling Press)

Bronze: The World in Your Lunch Box, by Claire Eamer (Annick Press)

Canada-West – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: Cadillac Couches, by Sophie B. Watson (Brindle & Glass Publishing)

Silver: Black Arrow, by Arthur C. Eastly (4th Floor Press)

Bronze: Twelve, by Keith Hammond (Blue Genever Publishing)

Canada-West – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Gold: The Butcher, the Baker, the Wine & Cheese Maker by Jennifer Schell (An Okanagan Cookbook)

Silver (tie): Wakeful Nights: Stephan G. Stephansson, Icelandic-Canadian Poet, by Viđar Hreinsson (Benson Ranch, Inc.) 

The BC Coast Explorer and Marine Trail Guide, Vol. 1, by John Kimantas (Wild Coast Publishing)

Bronze: Baba’s Kitchen Medicines: Folk Remedies of Ukrainian Settlers in Western Canada, by Michael Mucz (University of Alberta Press)

Australia/New Zealand – Best Regional Fiction

Gold: Colour of Greed, by Gavin Fisher (Publicious)

Silver: 3 Minutes to Perfect, by Baruday Logan (The Blessed Meek Publications)

Bronze: Jimmy Roo, by Conny Fechner (Self-Published)

Australia/New Zealand – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Gold: About Face: A Photographic Celebration of People Living in the Southern Highlands, by Kate Heaslip (Kate Heaslip and Associates)

Silver: An Outback Life, by Mary Groves (Self-Published)

Bronze (tie): Life, A Little Brown Dog & Shite Like That, by Michael Riddell(Balboa Press) 

An Awesome Ride, by Shaun Miller (AKA Publishing)

2013 E-Book Results

E1. Best Adult Fiction E-Book

Gold: The Duke Don’t Dance, by Richard G. Sharp (CreateSpace)

Silver (tie): Horse, by Leon Berger (Grey Gecko Press)

Promise of Departure, by LW Montgomery (Self-Published)

Bronze: Mental Pause, by Anne O’Connell (Self-Published)

E2. Best Romance/Erotica E-Book

Gold: The Viking’s Witch, by Kelli Wilkins (Medallion Press)

Silver: Micah’s Calling, by Donya Lynne (Phoenix Press)

Bronze: Taming Clay, by Raeann Blake (Self-Published)

E3. Best Mystery/Thriller E-Book

Gold: Seven Ways to Die, by William Diehl and Kenneth Atchity (Story Merchant Books)

Silver: The Oligarch: A Thriller, by G.W. Eccles (Self-Published)

Bronze: Highball Exit, by Phyllis Smallman (Self-Published) 

E4. Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror E-Book 

Gold: The Bane of Yoto, by Joshua Viola with Nicholas Karpuk (FiXT)

Silver: Queen & Commander, by Janine A. Southard (Self-Published)

Bronze: Blue Violet, by Abigail Owen (Self-Published)

E5. Best Adult Non-Fiction Personal E-Book

Gold: Witness to the Storm: A Jewish Journey from Nazi Berlin to the 82nd Airborne, 1920-1945, by Werner T. Angress (Self-Published)

Silver: Diary of a Predator: A Memoir, by Amy Herdy (Vincent Publishing House)

Bronze: The Brilliance and the Madness, by Anne Margaret MacKenzie (Self-Published)

E6. Best Adult Non-Fiction Informational E-Book

Gold: A Cybercop’s Guide to Internet Child Safety, by Glen Klinkhart (SecurusMedia)

Silver: Your Career Your Way! Personal Strategies to Achieve Your Career Aspirations, by Lisa Quast (Career Woman, Inc.)

Bronze: Sex Sells: The Sales Process Described Through the Metaphor of SEX, by Katrena Friel (Self-Publishing)

E7. Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction E-Book 

Gold: wish I could have said goodbye, by Shari A. Brady (Wise Owl Press)

Silver: Finding Peace: A Medieval Romance, by Lisa Shea (Minerva Webworks)

Bronze: Long Black Veil, by Jeanette Battista (Self-Published)

E8. Best Children’s Illustrated E-Book

Gold: Red Is… by Ivy Wong (Ripple Digital Publishing)

Silver: Every Walrus Can Fly, by Brian Phillips (The Basement)

Bronze: Egg Mania, by Sherry Maysonave (Empowerment Productions)

E9. Best Regional E-Book - East 

Gold: Aspen Allegations: A Sutton Mass. Mystery, by Lisa Shea (Minerva Webworks)

Silver: American Prometheus: Captain Bill Jones, the Steel Genius who Made Andrew Carnegie, by Tom Gage (Self-Published)

Bronze: A Cape May Diamond, by Larry Enright (Self-Published)

E10. Best Regional E-Book – West

Gold: The Art of Scrummaging, by Enrique TOPO Rodriguez (Media Publishing eBooks Pty Ltd.)

Silver: Getting There: A Gulf Islands Adventure, by Michael Matthews (Self-Published)

Bronze: The Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost: Hard Hikes for Wild Women, by Deanna Lynn Wulff (Self-Published)