2022 IPPY Medalists

Most Original Concept

The Year the World Stood Still by Susan Brescia (A Poet’s Hand)

Most Outstanding Design

A Rebel’s Outcry: Biography of Issei Civil Rights Leader Sei Fuji (1882-1954) by Kenichic Sato, Jeffrey Gee Chin, and Fumiko Carole Fujita (Little Tokyo Historical Society) 

Outstanding Book Arts Craftsmanship

Somnath Hore: Wounds by Likla Lall (Art1st Enterprises)

Most Likely to Save the Planet

I Dream of Water by Shawn Small illustrated by Jenny Robbins (HISPublishing Group)

Independent Spirit Award

The Moonshiner Popcorn Sutton by Neal Hutcheson (Reliable Archetype)

Independent Voice Award

Dirty Birds by Morgan Murray (Breakwater Books)

Peacemaker of the Year

The Best Peace Fiction: A Social Justice Anthology edited by Robert Olen Butler and Phong Nguyen (University of New Mexico Press) 


1. Fine Art

GOLD: Spring Cannot Be Canceled: David Hockney in Normandy by Martin Gayford and David Hockney (Thames & Hudson)

SILVER: She-Oak and Sunlight: Australian Impressionism edited by Anne Gray and Angela Hesson (National Gallery of Victoria)

BRONZE: Ichimatsu: Japanese Play Dolls by Alan Scott Pate (Alan Scott Pate Antique Japanese Dolls)


2. Performing Arts (Music/Dance/Cinema/Theater)

GOLD: Blondell Cummings: Dance as Moving Pictures edited by Kristin Juarez, Rebecca Peabody, & Glenn Phillips (X Artists' Books)

SILVER:  This Was Toscanini: The Maestro, My Father, and Me by Samuel Antek & Lucy Antek Johnson (Brown Books Publishing Group)

BRONZE (tie): We Never Knew Just What it Was ... the Story of the Chad Mitchell Trio by Mike Murphey (Mike Murphey Books, LLC)

John Guillermin: The Man, The Myth, The Movies by Mary Guillermin (Precocity Press)

3. Photography

GOLD: Manifest International Photography Annual 8 edited by Jason Franz (Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center)

SILVER (tie): Sacred Nature 2 - Reconnecting People to Our Planet by Angela Scott & Jonathan Scott (HPH Publishing)

Behind Glass by Anne Berry (Shock Design Books)

BRONZE: Instrumenthead Revealed by Michael Weintrob (Magnet Bound Press)

4. Architecture

GOLD: At Home in Chicago: A Living History of Domestic Architecture by Patrick F. Cannon and James Caulfield (CityFiles Press)

SILVER: After The Australian Ugliness by Naomi Stead, Tom Lee, Ewan McEoin & Megan Patty (National Gallery of Victoria)

BRONZE: The Art Museum in Modern Times by Charles Saumarez Smith (Thames & Hudson)

James Hoban: Designer and Builder of the White House by Stewart D. McLaurin (White House Historical Society)


5. Coffee Table Books

GOLD: Winter Wild: a feast of dark delights by Janice Sutton (Janice Sutton Communications)

SILVER: The Rolling Stones: Unzipped by The Rolling Stones (Thames & Hudson)

BRONZE: Grimm Gestalt by Travis Lovell, Howard Fullmer, Brandon Truscott (Utah Valley University)

6. Popular Fiction

GOLD: The Liability of Love by Susan Schoenberger (She Writes Press)

SILVER: The Long-Lost Jules by Jane Elizabeth Hughes (SparkPress) 

BRONZE: Silver Beach by Claire Cox (University of Massachusetts Press)

7. Literary Fiction

GOLD: Day for Night by Jean McNeil (ECW Press)

SILVER: The Artist & The Assassin by Mark Frutkin (The Porcupine’s Quill)

BRONZE: Last Hummingbird West of Chile by Nicholas Ruddock (Breakwater Books Ltd.)

8. Short Story Fiction

GOLD: Big Bad by Whitney Collins (Sarabande Books)

SILVER: Erase and Rewind by Meghan Bell (Book*hug Press)

BRONZE (tie): Sustainable Living by Elsa Nekola (Willow Springs Books)

Urban Disturbances by Bruce McDougall (The Porcupine's Quill)

9. Poetry - Standard

GOLD (tie): You Better Be Lightning by Andrea Gibson (Button Poetry) 

How to Kill Yourself Instead of Your Children by Quincy Scott Jones (C&R Press)

SILVER (tie): September 12 by Andrea Carter Brown (The Word Works) 

Her Kind by Cindy Veach (CavanKerry Press)

BRONZE: Problematica by George Murray (ECW Press)


10. Poetry - Specialty

GOLD: Bramah and the Beggar Boy by Renee Sarojini Saklikar (Nightwood Editions)

SILVER (tie): TNTRK: A Tantric Journey Through Poetry and Art by Blair Fillingham; illustrations by Johanna Porter (Self-Published)

Putting the World Back Together by N. Allison Nist, M.D. (Shock Design Books)

BRONZE (tie): Clouds: Love Poems from Above the Fray Poems and Photographs by Jon Meyer (Joshua Tree Interactive)

A Pilgrimage of Churches Poems and Photographs by Ron Starbuck (Saint Julian Press)


11. Anthology

GOLD: Tongues: On Longing and Belonging through Language edited by Ayelet Tsabari, Eufemia Fantetti, and Leonarda Carranza (Book*hug Press)

SILVER: Home in Florida: Latinx Writers and the Literature of Uprootedness edited by Anjanette Delgado (University of Florida Press)

BRONZE: Essential Voices: Poetry of Iran and Its Diaspora edited by Christopher Nelson (Green Linden Press)

12. Juvenile Fiction 

GOLD: Rea and the Blood of the Nectar, by Payal Doshi (Mango and Marigold Press) 

SILVER :The Art of Running Away, by Sabrina Kleckner (Jolly Fish Press) 

BRONZE :Zombie, Or Not to Be by Kyle Sullivan, Art by Derek Sullivan  

13. Young Adult Fiction- General

GOLD: Before We Were Blue by E.J. Schwartz (Flux)

SILVER: Call Me Athena: Girl From Detroit by Colby Cedar Smith (Andrews McMeel Publishing) 

BRONZE: How It Happens by Jean Alicia Elster (Wayne State University Press)

14. Young Adult Fiction - Fantasy

GOLD: Dragonbird in the Fern by Laura Rueckert (Flux)

SILVER: Siege of the Seven Sins by Emily Colin (Blue Crow Books)

BRONZE (tie): Foretold by Violet Lumani (Uproar Books)

Trine Fallacy by C.K. Donnelly (Kibbe Creative Media, LLC) 

15. Fantasy 

GOLD: Faeries of the Faultlines by Iris Compiet (Eye of Newt Books)

SILVER: The Ancient Ones by Cassandra L. Thompson (Quill & Crow Publishing House)

BRONZE: All the Blue Come Through by Metra Farrari (Wise Ink)

The Warrior With Broken Wings by Thorsten Brandl (Cat's Eye Publishing)


16. Science Fiction 

GOLD: KRILL: When the Good Choices are Gone by Susan Hasler 

SILVER: War Bunny by Christopher St. John (Harvest Oak Press)

Transference by B.T. Keaton (Ingleside Avenue Press)

BRONZE: Sanctuary by Grace J Agnew (Woodhall Press)

17. LGBT+ Fiction

GOLD: My Good Son by Yang Huang (University of New Orleans Press)

SILVER: Kiss the Scars on the Back of My Neck by Joe Okonkwo (Amble Press)

BRONZE: Nazaré by JJ Amaworo Wilson (PM Press)

18. Erotica

GOLD: The Golden Girl by Sara Wetmore (Self-Published)

SILVER: Disintegration by Thea Landen (Self-Published)

BRONZE: The Mirror’s Touch by Jackie Notter (Climate Publishing)


19. Historical Fiction

GOLD: That Which Remains by C. F. Yetmen (Ypsilon & Co Press)

SILVER: 88 Straight by Stanley Nelson (Chickasaw Press)

BRONZE:The Lives of Diamond Bessie by Jody Hadlock (SparkPress)

20. Military/Wartime Fiction

GOLD: Silence by William Carpenter (Island Port Press)

SILVER: A Stream to Follow by Jess Wright (Books Forward) 

BRONZE: The Commodore and the Powder Monkey by Mark Barie (Barringer Publishing)

21. Horror

GOLD: The Despicable Fantasies of Quentin Sergenov by Preston Fassel (Encyclopocalypse Publications)

SILVER: Hotel Chelsea by Jeremy Bates (Self-Published)

BRONZE: The Jewish Book of Horror by Josh Schlossberg (Denver Horror Collective)

22. Multicultural Fiction

GOLD: The Cine Star Salon by Leah Ranada (NeWest Press)

SILVER: This Fierce Blood by Malia Márquez (Acre Books) 

BRONZE: Dusk in the Frog Pond and Other Stories by Rummana Chowdhury (Inanna Publications)


23. Multicultural Fiction- Juv/YA

GOLD: Unbelonging by Gayatri Sethi (Mango and Marigold Press)

SILVER: My Indian by Saqamaw Mi'sel Joe & Sheila O'Neill (Breakwater Books Ltd.)

BRONZE: Tia Lugo Speaks No Evil by Danette Vigilante (North Star Editions)

24. Mystery

GOLD: The Artist Colony by Joanna FitzPatrick (She Writes Press)

SILVER:  The Blackwater by Paul Smith (Matador)

BRONZE: Lies with Man by Michael Nava (Amble Press)

Match by Amy S. Peele (She Writes Press)


25. Suspense/Thriller

GOLD: Shadow Music by Helaine Mario (Oceanview Publishing)

SILVER: Beneath the Marigolds by Emily C. Whitson (CamCat Books)

BRONZE: Crude Ambition by Patricia Hunt Holmes (Greenleaf Book Group)

26. Religious Fiction 

GOLD: Daughter of the King by Kerry Chaput (Black Rose Writing)

SILVER: Falik and His House translated by Mindy Liberman (Jewish Storyteller Press) 

BRONZE: Wonders in the Deep: A Tale of Healing by Chuck Carr 

27. Romance

GOLD: Take Your Charming Somewhere Else by Katie Rose Guest Pryal (Blue Crow Books)

SILVER: Night Tide by Anna Burke (Bywater Books)

BRONZE: Thrust by Rachel Spangler (Brisk Press) 


28. Urban Fiction

Category Cancelled 


29. Visionary/New Age Fiction

GOLD: Sunnyside Up by Rea Nolan Martin (WiaWaka Press) 

SILVER: My Famous Brain by Diane Wald (She Writes Press)

BRONZE: Wild Mushrooms by E. Piotrowicz (Resource Publications)

30. True Crime

GOLD: Murder Maps USA: Crime Scenes Revisited. Bloodstains to Ballistics. 1865-1939 by Adam Selzer (Thames & Hudson) 

SILVER: Dragged into the Light by Tony Russo (Secant Publishing) 

BRONZE (tie): Defending a Serial Killer: The Right to Counsel by Jim Potts (Vesuvian Books) 

Summary Judgment by Donald Cameron Clark, Jr. (Girl Friday Productions)


31. Graphic Novel/Drawn Book

GOLD: Catalogue Baby: A Memoir of (In)fertility by Myriam Steinberg, illustrated by Christache (Page Two Books)

SILVER: Nuclear Power by Desirée Proctor and Erica Harrell, illustrated by Lynne Yoshii (Fanbase Press)

BRONZE: Wonder Drug: LSD in the Land of Living Skies by Hugh D.A. Goldring, illustrated by nicole marie burton (Between the Lines)

32. Humor

GOLD: Here We Go Loop de Loop by William Sibley (ATMOSPHERE PRESS)

SILVER: Running Through the Swinging Door by Tony Di Lembo (THE TROPICALE) 

BRONZE: Why Some Animals Eat Their Young: A Survivor’s Guide to Motherhood by Dallas Louis (Sandra Jonas Publishing)

33. Children’s Picture Books (7 & Under)

GOLD: The Library Book by Gabby Dawnay, illustrated by Ian Morris

SILVER: How to Fold a Taco by Naibe Reynoso (Con Todo Press)

BRONZE: Don't Call Me Fuzzybutt! by Robin Newman, illustrated by Susan Batori (Sleeping Bear Press)

34. Children’s Picture Books (All Ages) 

GOLD: Nour's Secret Library by Wafa' Tarnowska

SILVER: Bindiya in India by Monique Chheda (Mango and Marigold Press)

BRONZE: Big Bear Was Not the Same by Joanna Rowland (Beaming Books)

35. Children’s Interactive

GOLD: Alien Baby! by Elias Barks (Hazy Dell Press)

SILVER: THE GLOBAL KID: World's First VR/AR Political Comic Book by Dr Maha Hosain Aziz (Self-Published)

BRONZE: Lulu the Unstoppable Dancing Dog by Marie Dimitrova (Francis Enterprises) (Greenleaf Book Group Press)

36. Juvenile-Young Adult Non-Fiction 

GOLD (tie): Anxiety Elephants for Tween Girls by Caris Snider (End Game Press)

Anxiety Elephants for Tween Boys by Caris Snider (End Game Press)

SILVER: Earth Will Survive* *but we may not by Katie Coppens (Tumblehome, Inc.)

BRONZE: The Social Black Belt by Dr. Christopher Cortman & Michael Keelen (The Social Black Belt, Inc.)

37. Multicultural Non-Fiction Juvenile-Young Adult

GOLD: That They Lived by Rochelle Riley and Cristi Smith-Jones (Wayne State University Press)

SILVER: peepeekisis ātayōhkēwina: Sacred Stories of Peepeekisis Cree Nation by Eleanor Brass, illustrated by Aleigha Agecoutay (Your Nickel's Worth Publishing)

BRONZE: Parenting and Child Development: Across Ethnicity and Culture by Professor Abdul Khaleque (Praeger) 

38. Multicultural Non-Fiction

GOLD: To Drink From the Well: The Struggle for Racial Equality at the Nation's Oldest Public University by Geeta N. Kapur (Blair)

SILVER: The Algerian Dream: Youth and the Quest for Dignity by Andrew G. Farrand (New Degree Press)

BRONZE: Heart Radical: A Search for Language, Love, and Belonging by Anne Liu Kellor (She Writes Press)

39. Essay

GOLD: I, Grape; or The Case for Fiction by Brock Clarke (Acre Books)

SILVER: Stargazing in the Atomic Age by Anne Goldman (University of Georgia Press)

BRONZE: Night Rooms by Gina Nutt (Two Dollar Radio)

40. Creative Non-fiction

GOLD: Paletó and Me: Memories of My Indigenous Father by Aparecida Vilaça (Stanford University Press)

SILVER: Lilia: A True Story of Love, Courage, and Survival in the Shadow of War by Linda Ganzini (Self-Published) 

BRONZE: America Calling: A Foreign Student in a Country of Possibility by Rajika Bhandari (She Writes Press)

41. Autobiography/Memoir I


GOLD: The Flowering: The Autobiography of Judy Chicago by Judy Chicago (Thames & Hudson)

SILVER: 60: A Year of Sports, Race and Politics by Robert Khayat (The Nautilus Publishing Company)

BRONZE: Getting to the Heart of the Matter: My 36 Years in the Senate by Carl Levin (Wayne State University Press)

42. Autobiography II (Coming of age/family)

GOLD: Brown Skin Girl by Mytrae Meliana (Blue Leopard Media)

SILVER: When the Red Gates Opened: A Memoir of China’s Reawakening by Dori Jones Yang (She Writes Press)

BRONZE: Seeing Eye Girl: A Memoir of Madness, Resilience, and Hope by Beverly J. Armento (She Writes Press) 

43. Autobiography III (Personal struggle/health issues)

GOLD: Off Our Chests by John Marshall and Liza Marshall (Ideapress)

SILVER: You’ll Never Find Us by Jeanne Baker Guy (She Writes Press)

BRONZE: The Weight of Air by David Poses (Sandra Jonas Publishing House) 

44. Biography 

GOLD: Flower Diary: In Which Mary Hiester Reid Paints, Travels, Marries & Opens a Door by Molly Peacock (ECW Press) 

SILVER: The Jewish World of Alexander Hamiton, by Andrew Porwancher (Princeton) 

BRONZE: Find a Trail or Blaze One: A Biography of Dr. Reatha Clark King as told to Kate Leibfried (Beaver’s Pond Press, Inc)

45. Aging/Death & Dying

GOLD: The Burning Light of Two Stars: A Mother-Daughter Story by Laura Davis (Girl Friday Books)

SILVER: Widow’s Moon: A Memoir Of Healing, Hope, & Self-Discovery Through Grief and Loss by Cara Hope Clark (Self-Published)

BRONZE: The Actual Dance: Love’s Ultimate Journey Through Breast Cancer by Samuel A. Simon (The Actual Dance, LLC)

46. Animals/Pets

GOLD: Hatched: Dispatches from the Backyard Chicken Movement by Gina G. Warren (University of Washington Press)

SILVER (tie): Terriers the Jungle - A Novel by Georja Umano (Atmosphere Press)

The Year's Best Dog Stories 2021, edited by Ron Sauder (Secant Publishing)

BRONZE: Pet Poems (also not just pets) by Sean Petrie (Burlwood Books)

47. Business/Career/Sales

GOLD: Empathy In Action: How to Deliver Great Customer Experiences at Scale by Tony Bates and Natalie Petouhoff (Ideapress Publishing)

SILVER: Lead and Disrupt: How to Solve the Innovator's Dilemma, Second Edition by Charles A. O'Reilly III and Michael L. Tushman (Stanford University Press)

BRONZE: Competing on Thought Leadership by Robert Buday (Ideapress Publishing)

48. Cookbooks - General

GOLD: J’Adore by Todd Leonard, Travis Lovell, Gareth Fry, John Rees, Melissa Barrett (Utah Valley University)

SILVER: How Good Food Works From Seed to Plate by Laura Moore (Don Sanders)

BRONZE: Winter Wild: a feast of dark delights by Janice Sutton (Janice Sutton Communications)

49. Cookbooks- Specialty

GOLD: Dining with the Dead: A Feast for the Souls on Day of the Dead by Mariana Nuño-Ruiz McEnroe and Ian McEnroe (Rio Nuevo Publishers)

SILVER: Amalia's Mesoamerican Table: Ancient Culinary Traditions with Gourmet Infusions by Amalia Moreno-Damgaard (Amalia LLC)

BRONZE: My Cookbook Passion by Pamela Kure Grogan (Gaudium Publishing)

50. Current Events I (Political/Economic/Foreign Affairs)

GOLD: Rage: Narcissism, Patriarchy, and the Culture of Terrorism by Abigail R. Esman (University of Nebraska Press)

SILVER: The Heartbeat of Iran by Tara Kangarlou (Ig Publishing) 

BRONZE: Pastels and Pedophiles: Inside the Mind of QAnon by Mia Bloom and Sophia Moskalenko (Stanford University Press)

51. Current Events II (Social Issues/Humanitarian)

GOLD: A Decent Meal: Building Empathy in a Divided America by Michael Carolan (Stanford University Press)

SILVER (tie): What's Up with White Women? Unpacking Sexism and White Privilege in Pursuit of Racial Justice by Ilsa Govan and Tilman Smith (New Society Publishers)

The Black Butterfly by Lawrence T. Brown (Johns Hopkins University Press)

BRONZE: Inequality in America: Causes and Consequences edited by Robert S. Rycroft and Kimberley L. Kinsley (ABC-CLIO)

52. Education I (Workbook/Resources)

GOLD: The Metacognitive Student: How to Teach Academic, Social, and Emotional Intelligence in Every Content Area by Richard K. Cohen, Deanne Kildare Opatosky, James Savage, Susan Olsen Stevens, and Edward P. Darrah (Solution Tree Press)

SILVER (tie): Finding Your Blind Spots: Eight Guiding Principles for Overcoming Implicit Bias in Teaching by Hedreich Nichols (Solution Tree Press)

Mindsets and Skill Sets for Learning: A Framework for Building Student Agency by Bill Zima (Marzano Resources)

BRONZE: The School Wellness Wheel: A Framework Addressing Trauma, Culture, and Mastery to Raise Student Achievement by Mike Ruyle, Libby Child, & Nancy Dome (Marzano Resources)

53. Education II (Commentary/Theory)

GOLD: Scripting the Moves: Culture and Control in a "No-Excuses" Charter School by Joanne W. Golann (Princeton University Press)

SILVER:  Autobiography without Apology: The Personal Essay in Chicanx and Latinx Studies edited by Chon Noriega, Wendy Laura Belcher & Charlene Villaseñor Black (UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Press)

BRONZE: Education and Development: Policy Imperatives for Jamaica and the Caribbean by Canute S. Thompson (The University of the West Indies Press)

54. Nature

GOLD: Remembering Cheetahs by Margot Raggett (Remembering Wildlife) 

SILVER: This Fragile Planet: His Holiness the Dalai Lama on Environment by His Holiness the Dalai Lama (The Sumeru Press Inc.)

BRONZE: A Country No More: Rediscovering the Landscapes of John James Audubon by Krista Elrick (George F. Thompson Publishing)

55. Environment/Ecology

GOLD: Black Snake: Standing Rock, the Dakota Access Pipeline, and Environmental Justice by KAtherine Wiltenburg Todrys (University of Nebraska Press) 

SILVER: Patterns of Connection: Essential Essays from Five Decades by Fritjof Capra (High Road Books)

BRONZE: Full Ecology: Repairing Our Relationship with the Natural World by Mary M. Clare and Gary Ferguson (Heyday)

56. Finance/Investments/Economics

GOLD: Nothing is Too Big to Fail: How the Last Financial Crisis Informs Today by Kerry and Linda Killinger (RosettaBooks)

SILVER: Exposed: The Financial Matrix by Orrin Woodward (Obstacles Press)

BRONZE (tie): Private Money Lending: Learn How to Consistently Generate a Passive Income Stream 2nd Edition by Gustavo J. Gomez, Ph.D. (Halo Publishing International)

Decolonizing Wealth, Second Edition by Edgar Villanueva (Berrett-Koehler Publishers)

57. LGBTQ+ Non-fiction

GOLD: Bullied: The Story of an Abuse by Jonathan Alexander (Punctum Books)

SILVER: Alabama Grandson: A Black, Gay Minister’s Passage Out of Hiding by Cedrick D. Bridgeforth (Precocity Press)

BRONZE: The Life and Times of the Legendary Larry Townsend by Jack Fritscher (Palm Drive Publishing)

58. Gift/Specialty/Journal

GOLD: All the Good by Dexterity (Dexterity)

SILVER: The Last Legacy of E.Y. "Yip" Harburg by Tamar Springer (Tamir Music)

BRONZE: five seven five - American Rhyming Haiku by Barton Johnson (Syzygy Entreprises, Inc.)

59. Holiday

GOLD: Dachshund Through The Snow by Michelle Medlock Adams (End Game Press)

SILVER: Bob Ross' Happy Little Night Before Christmas by Bob Ross & Robb Pearlman (BenBella Books)

BRONZE: Last Blue Christmas by Rose Prendeville (Eridani Press)


60. Health/Medicine/Nutrition

GOLD: Understanding Modern Health Care by Steve Fredman (Self-Published)

SILVER:The Busy Caregiver's Guide to Advanced Alzheimer Disease by Jennifer R. Stelter, PsyD (Johns Hopkins University Press)

BRONZE: Vibrant by Stacie Stephenson (BenBella Books)

61. History (U.S.)

GOLD (tie) : A Constitution for the Living: Imagining How Five Generations of Americans Would Rewrite the Nation’s Fundamental Law by Beau Breslin (Stanford University Press)

Dirty Works: Obscenity on Trial in America’s First Sexual Revolution by Brett Gary (Stanford University Press)

SILVER(tie): A Second Reckoning: Race, Injustice, and the Last Hanging in Annapolis by Scott D. Seligman (Potomac Books)

George Washington’s Final Battle: The Epic Struggle to Build a Capital City and a Nation (Georgetown University Press)

 BRONZE: Gone Before Glory : The Life and Tragic Death of William McKinley by Stephen G. Yanoff (AuthorHouse) 


62. History (World) 

GOLD: Winning and Losing the Nuclear Peace: The Rise, Demise, and Revival for Arms Control, by Michael Krepon (Stanford University Press)

SILVER: How Britain Underdeveloped the Caribbean: A Reparation Response to Europe’s Legacy of Plunder and Poverty by Hilary McD.Beckles (The University of the West Indies Press)

BRONZE (tie): Prose of the World: Denis Diderot and the Periphery of Enlightenment by Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht (Stanford University Press)

Genetic Crossroads: The Middle East and the Science of Human Heredity by Elise K. Burton (Stanford University Press)

63. History - Oversized

GOLD: Violins and Hope: From the Holocaust to Symphony Hall by Daniel Levin (George F. Thompson Publishing)

SILVER: Designing Camelot: The Kennedy White House and Its Legacy by James Archer Abbott and Elaine Rice Bachmann (The White House Historical Association)

BRONZE: Triumph and Tragedy: The Evolution and Legacy of 20th Century War Machines by Martin Miller (The Chelsea Press)

64. Home & Garden


65. Inspirational/Spiritual

GOLD (tie): Clarity to Make Your Mark by Jessica Ritchie (Self-Published)

Live Like Sean: Important Life Lessons from My Special-Needs Son by TJ Nelligan with Theresa Foy DiGeronimo (GreenLeaf)

SILVER: Because My Soul Longs for You: Integrating Theology into Our Lives edited by Rabbi Edwin C. Goldberg and Rabbi Elaine S. Zecher (Central Conference of American Rabbis)

BRONZE: Legacy of Love: Lessons in Love, Loss, and Recovery by Debbie Gordon (Paper Raven Books)

66. New Age / Mind-Body-Spirit

GOLD: In Praise of Retreat: Finding Sanctuary in the Modern World by Kirsteen MacLeod (ECW Press)

SILVER: Your Next Big Idea by Samuel Sanders (Heard Publishing, LLC)

BRONZE (tie): Yoga and Self-Enquiry by Lucy E. Johnson (Self-Published)

Ornitherapy: For your Mind, Body, and Soul by Holly Merker, Richard Crossley, Sophie Crossley (Crossley Books)

67. Parenting

GOLD: Unraveling Bias by Christia Spears Brown (BenBella Books)

SILVER: In Our Blood by Caitlin Billings (She Writes Press)

BRONZE: Motherhood: Facing and Finding Yourself by Lisa Marchiano (Sounds True)

68. Pop Culture

GOLD: Death Never Dies: Mourning 2020 Through the Lives and Deaths of Public Figures by Lee Fearnside (Chimera Projects)

SILVER: Bob Kingley's Book of Records: 60 Years of Country Music Through the Lens of a Legend

by Ken Halford (The Nautilus Publishing Company)

BRONZE: Proper - A Modernist Guide to Impeccable Taste by Andy Morling (Get Deeper Publishing)

69. Psychology/Mental Health

GOLD: Traditional and Western Medicine: Voices from Jamaican Psychiatric Patients by Caryl James Bateman (The University of the West Indies Press)

SILVER: Fear Traps: Escape the Triggers that Keep You Stuck by Dr. Nancy Stella (Berry Powell Press)

BRONZE (tie): Doing Grief in Real Life: A Soulful Guide to Navigate Loss, Death & Change by Shea Darian (Gilead Press)

The Stress Book: Forty-Plus Ways to Manage Stress & Enjoy Your Life by D Terrence Foster M.D (Global Health & Consortium)

70. Sports

GOLD: Marathon Man: My Life, My Father's Stroke and Running 35 Marathons in 35 Days by Alan Corcoran (Self-Published)

SILVER: SMALL MIRACLES – The Inspiring Kids of Variety Village by Mike Strobel (North Channel Press)

BRONZE (tie): Indy Split: The Big Money Battle that Nearly Destroyed Indy Racing by John Oreovicz (Octane Press)

Built from Broken: A Science-Based Guide to Healing Painful Joints, Preventing Injuries, and Rebuilding Your Body by Scott Hogan (SaltWrap)


71. Reference

GOLD: Encyclopedia of Trade Goods: Gun Accessories & Hand Weapons of the Fur Trade by James A. Hanson (Museum of the Fur Trade)

SILVER: The Non-Obvious Guide to Marketing & Branding (Without a Big Budget) by Rohit Bhargava (Ideapress Publishing)

BRONZE: Internal Fire: The Internal Combustion Engine 1678–1900 by C. Lyle Cummins Jr. (Octane Press)

72. Religion - Eastern/Western

GOLD (tie): Pillars: How Muslim Friends Led Me Closer to Jesus by Rachel Pieh Jones (Plough Publishing)

Interplay of Things: Religion, Art, and Presence Together by Anthony B. Pinn (Duke University Press)

SILVER: Mishkan HaSeder: A Passover Haggadah edited by Rabbi Hara E. Person and Jessica Greenbaum (Central Conference of American Rabbis)

BRONZE (tie): The Garden of Flowers and Weeds: A New Translation and Commentary on The Blue Cliff Record by Matthew Juksan Sullivan (Monkfish Book Publishing Company)

The Social Justice Torah Commentary edited by Rabbi Barry H. Block (Central Conference of American Rabbis)

73. Science

GOLD: Unsettled by Steven E. Koonin (BenBella Books)

SILVER: A Brief History of the Earth's Climate: Everyone's Guide to the Science of Climate Change by Steven Earle, PhD (New Society Publishers)

BRONZE: SuperSight by David Rose (BenBella Books)

74. Self Help

GOLD: The Remarriage Manual: How to Make Everything Work Better the Second Time Around by Terry Gaspard (Sounds True)

SILVER: The Ultimate Anxiety Toolkit: 25 Tools to Worry Less, Relax More and Boost Your Self-Esteem by Risa Williams, illustrated by Jennifer Whitney and Amanda Way (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)

BRONZE (tie): Free Time: Lose the Busywork, Love Your Business by Jenny Blake (Ideapress Publishing)

Awaken to Your Calling by Randi Benator (She Writes Press)

75. Sexuality/Relationships

GOLD: Fifty First Dates After Fifty by Carolyn Lee Arnold (She Writes Press)

SILVER: Invitation to Intimacy by Dr. Judy Tiesel-Jansen (Et Alia Press)

BRONZE: Emotional Magnetism: How to Communicate to Ignite Connection in Your Relationships by Sandy Gerber (Page Two Press)

76.  Transportation (Auto/Aviation/Railroad, etc.)

GOLD: John Deere Evolution: The Design and Engineering of an American Icon, by Lee Klancher (Octane Press)

SILVER: Picturing Freedom: African Americans & Their Cars, by Stanley B. Burns, MD & Elizabeth A. Burns (Burns Archive)  

BRONZE: The Last Winter: Chronicles of the last year-round long-distance steam locomotive show in the U.S., by Frank Barry (Fresh Dirt Publications)


77. Travel - Essay
GOLD: THE BUMBLING TRAVELER - Sketching the World by Tom Schmidt (Kakibubu Media Limited)

SILVER: Braving the World: Adventures in Travel and Retirement by Pam Saylor (Self-Published)

BRONZE: An Elephant Ate My Arm: More True Stories from a Curious Traveler by Laurie McAndish King (Destination Insights)


78. Travel- Guidebooks

GOLD: Photographing Iceland Volumes One and Two by James Rushforth (fotoVUE Ltd)

SILVER: Coastal Trails of Maine including Acadia National Park by Dolores Kong and Dan Ring (FalconGuides)

BRONZE: Croatian Wine: Regions, Grapes, and History by Greg Viola (Self-Published)

79. Women’s Issues

GOLD: The Sweetness of Venus: A History of the Clitoris by Sarah Chadwick (Armin Lear Press)

SILVER: Anarchy in High Heels by Denise Larson (She Writes Press)

BRONZE: Dear White Woman, Please Come Home by Kimberlee Yolanda Williams (Elephant Room Press)

80. Writing/Publishing

GOLD: Memory into Memoir: A Writer's Handbook by Laura Kalpakian (University of New Mexico Press)

SILVER: The Joy of Writing Journal: Spark Your Creativity in 8 Minutes A Day by Lisa Tener (Prosperity House Media)

BRONZE: Writing the Novella by Sharon Oard Warner (University of New Mexico Press)


81. Book/Author/Publisher Website

GOLD: https://www.a-given-grace-christian-anthology.com/ edited by Desmond Francis Xavier Kon (Zhicheng-Mingdé) & Eric Francis Tinsay Valles (Squircle Line Press)

SILVER: https://sgblaise.com/ by S.G. Blaise (Lilac Grove Entertainment LLC)

BRONZE: www.laertesbooks.org by Ryan Dann (Laertes)


82. Cover Design - Fiction

GOLD: Little Bird by Mary Ruth Barnes (Chickasaw Press)

SILVER: All The Blues Come Through by Metra Farrari (Wise Ink) 

BRONZE: Flower Girl: A Novel by Merida Johns (Coffee Cup Press)


83. Cover Design - Non-fiction

GOLD: Behind Glass by Anne Berry (Shock Design Books)

SILVER: Their Spirits Took Flight: Nevada City's Historic Pine Grove Cemetery by Brian Suwada (Banner Mountain Press)

BRONZE: Why Some Animals Eat Their Young by Dallas Louis (Sandra Jonas Publishing)


84. Cover Design - Oversize

GOLD: J’Adore by Todd Leonard, Travis Lovell, Gareth Fry, John Rees, Melissa Barrett (Utah Valley University)

SILVER: How Good Food Works From Seed to Plate by Laura Moore (Don Sanders)

BRONZE: Ichimatsu: Japanese Play Dolls by Alan Scott Pate (Alan Scott Pate Antique Japanese Dolls)


85. Best First Book - Fiction

GOLD: Sugar Birds, by Cheryl Grey Bostrom (She Writes Press)  

SILVER: The Gods of Green County, by Mary Elizabeth Pope (Blair) 

BRONZE: (TIE) Paper Airplanes, by Tabitha Forney (She Writes Press)

Faron Goss, by Diane Lechleitner (Green Place Books) 


86. Best First Book - JUV/YA

GOLD: Queen of Muck by Isaac Thackray, Illustrated by Millie Perocheau (Mary Egan Publishing)

SILVER: The Lady or the Lion by Aamna Qureshi (CamCat Books) 

BRONZE: (TIE) The Nodders: What! You Don’t Want to Nap? By Tina Huggins, Illustrated by Brian Schmidt 

I Love You, Fiorella, Flaws and All! By Cindy A. Bell, Illustrated by Emily House (Suzy and Scout Publishing)  


87. Best First Book - Non-Fiction

GOLD: Typology: Collections at the Harvard Museums of Science & Culture by Diana Zlatanovski (Scala Arts Publishers, Inc.)  

SILVER (tie): Difficult Gifts: A Physician's Journey to Heal Body and Mind by Courtney Burnett (Wise Ink)

The Angle of Flickering Light by Gina Troisi (Vine Leaves Press)

BRONZE: Raising, and Losing, My Remarkable Teenage Mother by Stacey Aaronson (Astoria Books)


88. Book Series - Fiction 

GOLD: Threads West Series by Reid Lance Rosenthal (Greenleaf Book Group) (Sastrugi Press) (Rockin SR Publishing)

SILVER: The Anjali Series by Sheetal Sheth, illustrated by Lucia Soto and Jessica Blank (Mango and Marigold Press)

BRONZE: The Ceiling Smashers Series: THE CLOSER and SMASHERS SYNCHED by Shaz Kahng (OLOM Press)


89. Book Series - Non-Fiction

GOLD: The Non-Obvious Trends series by Rohit Bhargava et al. (Ideapress Publishing)

SILVER: The Heart & Home Books series by Victoria Duerstock

BRONZE: Triumph and Tragedy: The Evolution and Legacy of 20th Century War Machines by Martin Miller (The Chelsea Press)


90. Audiobook - Fiction

GOLD: Call Me Athena: Girl from Detroit by Colby Cedar Smith; narrated by Gail Shalan, Hope Newhouse, Ramiz Monsef (Andrews McMeel Publishing) 

SILVER: Contest of Queens by Jordan H. Bartlett; narrated by Karissa Vacker (CamCat Books)

BRONZE (tie): Golden Dreg Army, Enlisted by D.K. Dailey; narrated by Zoleka Vundla and Jonny Unitus (Tillable Ground Dreams)

Ruby Red: Book 2 of the Zadok Series by Nikki Minty; narrated by Khristine Hvam, Jodie Harris, James Partick Cronin, and James Fouhey (Curated Audio LLC)


91. Audiobook - Non-Fiction 

GOLD: Space is Cool As Fuck by Kate Howells; narrated by Jer Adrianne Lelliot (Andrews McMeel Publishing)  

SILVER (tie): Some Assembly Required: A True Story of Love and Organ Transplants by TJ Condon; narrated by James R. Cheatham  (Black Rose Writing)

Women Peacemakers: What We Can Learn from Them by Barbe Chambliss, Ph.D.; narrated by Daneil B. & Barbe Chambliss

BRONZE: I Hear the Black Raven: A Petite Memoir by Claire Ishi Ayetoro (Self-Published)


US Northeast – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: Blue Summer by Jim Nichols (Islandport Press) 

SILVER: The Glimpse by Lis Bensley (Troubador)

BRONZE (tie): Signed, a Paddy by Lisa Boyle (Self-Published)

Rust on the Allegheny by Corey McCullough (Self-Published)


US Northeast – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: Up Against the Wall: Art, Activism and the AIDS Poster edited by Donald Albrecht and Jessica Lacher-Feldman; medical and consulting editor, William M. Valenti, M.D. (RIT Press)

SILVER: WBCN and the American Revolution: How a Radio Station Defined Politics, Counterculture, and Rock and Roll by Bill Lichtenstein (The MIT Press)

BRONZE: The East River Ripper: The Mysterious 1891 Murder of Old Shakespeare

by George R. Dekle Sr. (Self-Published)

Mid-Atlantic – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: The Tender Grave by Sheri Reynolds (Bywater Books)

SILVER (tie): The Best Short Stories of Philadelphia 2021 edited by Quinn D. Eli and Matthew M. Perez (Toho Publishing LLC)

Beneath the Veil of Smoke and Ash by Tammy Pasterick (She Writes Press)

BRONZE: Covenant by Ann McMan (Bywater Books)


Mid-Atlantic – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: Designing Camelot: The Kennedy White House and Its Legacy by James Archer Abbott and Elaine Rice Bachmann (The White House Historical Association)

SILVER: Unsay Their Names by Derek Kannemeyer (Blurb)

BRONZE (tie): Artifacts: An Illustrated Treasury of Delaware Valley History by Hal Taylor (Self-Published)

The Henry Bagwell Story: English Adventurer, Virginia Planter 1589-1663 by Margaret A. Rice (Secant Publishing)

Southeast – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: Seen by Julie G. Delegal (Le Glade)

SILVER: The Essence of Nathan Biddle by J. William Lewis (Greenleaf Book Group)

BRONZE: Do Over by Juliet Rose (Above the Rain)


Southeast – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: Southbound: Essays on Identity, Inheritance, and Social Change by Anjali Enjeti (University of Georgia Press)

SILVER (tie): Phil Ponder by Phil Ponder / Duane Chambers (Picture This)

In the Heart of a Wooded Mountain by Barbara Acree, Sarah Reed Carter, Charlotte Page, Phyllis Shaw, and Laurie Shock (Shock Design Books)

BRONZE: GIDEON SHRYOCK: His Life and Architecture - 1802-1880 by Winfrey P. Blackburn, Jr. & R. Scott Gill (Butler Books) 

South – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: Paradise, WV by Rob Rufus (Keylight Books)

SILVER: Rites: Stories by Savannah Johnston (Jaded Ibis Press)

BRONZE: The Souls of Clayhatchee by Anthony Todd Carlisle (Hidden Shelf Publishing) 


South – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: The Accidental Plague Diaries: A Covid-19 Pandemic Experience by Andrew Duxbury, MD (Singular Books)

SILVER (tie): Living on Deadline: The Amazing Adventures of a Southern Journalist by James L. Dickerson (Sartoris Literary Group)

The Arena: One Woman’s Story by Carol J. Chumney (Carol Chumney Law PLLC)

BRONZE: Chips Moman: The Record Producer Whose Genius Changed American Music by James L. Dickerson

Great Lakes – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: Bough Cutter: A Northern Lakes Mystery by Jeff Nania (Little Creek Press)

SILVER: Warn Me When It’s Time by Cheryl A. Head (Bywater Books)

BRONZE: In the Aftermath by Jane Ward (She Writes Press)


Great Lakes – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: Chicago Exposed: Defining Moments From the Chicago Sun-Times Photo Archive by Richard Cahan and Michael Williams (Todd & Brad Reed Photography)

SILVER: The Ghost Road by Matthew L.M. Fletcher (Fulcrum Publishing)

BRONZE: Todd Reed: 50 Years Seeing Michigan Through a Lens by Todd & Brad Reed Photography (Todd & Brad Reed Photography)


Midwest – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: The Hive by Melissa Scholes Young (Keylight Books)

SILVER: Little Bird by Mary Ruth Barnes (White Dog Press)

BRONZE: True North by Gary Eller (BHC Press)


Midwest – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: More than Ordinary: Early St. Louis Artist Anna Maria von Phul by Hattie Felton (Missouri Historical Society)

SILVER: Shooting Out the Lights by Kim Fairley (She Writes Press)

BRONZE (tie): Owl's Head: A Hidden Gem by Sondra Ashmore, PhD and Christine Guzzo Vickery (Sondra Ashmore Ink)

No One Dare Call Her A Liar by Larry Lee Kruckenberg (Self-Published)

West-Mountain – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: The Mrs. Tabor by Kimberly Burns (Thomas Bard Publishing)

SILVER: Gunslingers: A Story of the Old West by John Layne (Labrador Publishing)

BRONZE: Burning Ground by D.A. Galloway (Continuous MILE Consulting, LLC)


West-Mountain – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: Their Spirits Took Flight: Nevada City's Historic Pine Grove Cemetery by Brian Suwada (Banner Mountain Press)

SILVER: Arizona: A History of the Grand Canyon State by Jim Turner (Rio Nuevo Publishers)

BRONZE: Out of the Water by Ann Marie Stewart (Hidden Shelf Publishing House)


West-Pacific – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: Treasure of the Blue Whale, by Steven Mayfield (Regal House Publishing) 

SILVER: All's Fair and Other California Stories by Linda Feyder (She Writes Press)

BRONZE: Wren by Tricia Gates Brown (Frederick Press)


West-Pacific – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: Blooming in Winter: The Story of a Remarkable Twentieth-Century Woman by Pamela Valois (She Writes Press)

SILVER: Orca: Shared Waters, Shared Home by Lynda V. Maps (Mountaineers Books)

BRONZE: The Chicano Studies Reader: An Anthology of Aztlán 1970-2019 - Aztlán Anthology, Volume 3 March 2020. Fourth Edition edited by Edited by Chon A. Noriega, Eric Avila, Karen Mary Davalos, Chela Sandoval, Rafael Pérez-Torres, and Charlene Villaseñor Black (Chicano Studies Research Center)

Canada-East – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: Midland by Ross Breithaupt (The Porcupine’s Quill)

SILVER: Melt by Heidi Wicks (Breakwater Books Ltd.)

BRONZE: Amik by Sharon King (Kegedonce Press)


Canada-East – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: A Portrait of Canada’s Parliament by William P. McElligott, edited by Lyette Fortin (ECW Press)

SILVER: Butterflies in the Trenches: The Hood, an Epic Bike Ride, and Finding Inspiration by Curtis Carmichael (Synergy Books)

BRONZE: Bent out of Shape: Shame, Solidarity, and Women's Bodies at Work by Karen Messing (Between the Lines)

Canada-West – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: Harking by George Mercer (Write Nature)

SILVER: A Brief View from the Coastal Suite by Karen Hofmann (NeWest Press) 

BRONZE: Last Tide by Andy Zuliani (NeWest Press)


Canada-West – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: Brotherhood to Nationhood: George Manuel and the Making of the Modern Indian Movement by Peter McFarlane & Doreen Manuel (Between the Lines)

SILVER: Approaching Fire by Michelle Porter (Breakwater Books)

BRONZE: Faces of the Force by Helen Metella and Pamela Cowan (Your Nickel's Worth Publishing)


Australia/New Zealand – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD:  The Baseball Widow by Suzanne Kamata (Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing)

SILVER: Dragonfly Dreams by Eleanor McCallie Cooper (Köehler Books)

BRONZE: Double Death by Gavin Fisher (Ocean Reeve Publishing)


Australia/New Zealand – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: The Properties of Perpetual Light by Julian Aguon (University of Guam Press)

SILVER: Turning Right – Inspire the Magic by Kay Bretz (Major Street Publishing)

BRONZE: Rabbit in the Moon by Heather Diamond (Camphor Press)


Europe – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: The Last Sketch by Gosia Nealon (Indies United Publishing House, LLC)

SILVER: Madam in Lace by Gini Grossenbacher (JGKS Press)

BRONZE: Late, Late in the Evening by Stephen Grant (Propertius Press)


Europe – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: Iceland Wintertide by David Freese (George F. Thompson Publishing)

SILVER: Midnight Flight to Nuremberg by Marcus A. Nannini (Pen & Sword Books Ltd)

BRONZE: The Real Mr. Big:How a Colombian Refugee Became the United Kingdom's Most Notorious Cocaine Kingpin by Ron Chepesiuk with Jesus Ruiz Henao (Wildblue Press)


E1. Best Adult Fiction E-Book

GOLD: Attachments by Jeff Arch (SparkPress)

SILVER: Blind Turn by Cara Sue Achterberg (Black Rose Writing)

BRONZE: The Other Side of the Ledge by Janelle Parmer (Self-Published)


E2. Best Romance/Erotica E-Book

GOLD: Evade and Capture by Lori Matthews (Self-Published)

SILVER: Chemistry Lessons, by Jae (Ylva Publishing)

BRONZE: Year Of The What by Jennifer Lieberman (Maple Mermaid Publishing)

E3. Best Mystery/Thriller E-Book

GOLD: The Lighthouse by Christopher Parker (Books Forward) 

SILVER (tie): Tokyo Zangyo by Michael Pronko (Raked Gravel Press)

The Secrets We Bury by Mary Bush (Bloodhound Books)

BRONZE: Death in Paris by Kate Darroch (Ad Astra Press)

E4. Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror E-Book

GOLD: Cold As Hell by Rhett C. Bruno & Jaime Castle (Blackstone Publishing)

SILVER: Moon Rising (The Upsilon Series #1) by Daniel Weisbeck (DJW Books)

BRONZE: Haelend's Ballad by Ian V. Conrey (Self-Published)

E5. Best Adult Non-Fiction Personal E-Book

GOLD: Cotton Teeth, by Glenn Rockowitz (Harper Case)

SILVER: Safe, Wanted, and Loved, by Patrick Dylan (Snow Anselmo Press)

BRONZE: Are You Okay? By A.S. Drayton (A.S. Drayton Books LLC)


E6. Best Adult Non-Fiction Informational E-Book

GOLD: Your Copy Sucks - You Don't! 60 Kick-Butt Lessons on Copywriting... Business... and Life! by Carline Anglade-Cole (Cole Marketing Solution)

SILVER: Options Are Power by Donna Peters (The Me-Suite)

BRONZE: Get Bail, Leave Jail by Sean Plotkin (Angels Bail Bonds)

E7. Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction E-Book

GOLD: The Moonstone Girls by Brook Skipstone (Skipstone Publishing)

SILVER: Blue by L.E. DeLano (Gaze Publishing) 

BRONZE: Touch by Cheryl Kahn (Radiant Road Press) 

E8. Best Children's Illustrated E-Book

GOLD: The Night the Monsters Came by Junia Wonders, illustrated by Lisa Ciccone (Gmuer Verlag)

SILVER(tie): Courage Takes Flight by A.J. and Ava Thomas (85 and CO LLC)

Nora & her not-just-a-toothbrush by Megan Anderluh, illustrated by Hannah Kang (BogoBrush) 

BRONZE: Theodore and the Cat with the Missing Sock by Cory Q. Tan (The Luminous Cat)

E9. Best Regional E-Book – Fiction

GOLD: Fifth Born Son by George Minoru Omi (Self-Published)

SILVER: Murder in the Master - A Chesapeake Bay Mystery by Judy L. Murray (Level Best Books Publisher)

BRONZE: Too Soon the Night: A Novel of Empress Theodora: The Theodora Duology Book Two by James Conroyd Martin (Hussar Quill Press)

E10. Best Regional E-Book – Non-Fiction

GOLD: This Morbid Life: Essays by Loren Rhoads (Automatism Press)

SILVER: The Power of Nordic Unity - 40 Years of NORDUnet by NORDUnet A/S (NORDUnet A/S)

BRONZE: Thank You! With Deepest Gratitude by Michael Floissac (Outskirts Press)